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The Facts About LRG Forums
For a number of years I was a member of the LRG forums, even back when they were called AKIA forums. I was an early member recruited by site owner Johnny Karis. The interest that the small community had with adding me to the boards as a collector was their curiosity with how I was selling so many rare figures. At the time, I was selling numerous Satancross Muscle figures on ebay, back when Satancross was one of the rarest muscle figures, and at the time when most super rares had not yet been discovered. The small group of board members began questioning how in the world I had so many Satancross figures, they were even wondering if I was producing them myself. To make a long story short, Johnny ended up buying one from me on ebay to see for himself if my Satancross figures were real, and after confirming that they were, he contacted me to join the Muscle community as an AKIA (now LRG) member.

Today there are a number of reasons why as a collector I do not associate with the "so called leaders" of the MUSCLE community. As a collector who owned a variety of rare items, because of my dedication to searching ebay and other sites for these rare figures, people began to feel that I was always the one who ended up with these items. Eventually I began to feel the sense that many of the original site members, who were now looking for these items themselves, felt irritated that I was still finding these figures first. I was simply efficient at finding rare items, and was buying and selling more and more rare items as I discovered them. The board became a bitter and hostile environment, primarily from the original members like Johnny Karis (kingstylus), Jason Moore (doc_moore_j), and the University of Muscle site owner Chad Perry, aka General Veers.

As the years passed, I continued to buy and sell and make new and amazing discoveries in the Muscle community, but would always receive criticism and negative energy from these members and the newer members that they began to influence. The fabrications and accusations began, most of which were completely false in nature, and resulted in a drop in sales due to a wrongfully tarnished reputation. I was accused of making new ebay usernames for the purpose of ripping off new collectors, when in fact, the only way to make a normal legitimate sale was to sell as a user who they could not associate with my original. This became wrong in their eyes, and the slander continued further driving me away from the forums.

I left LRG nearly a decade ago. To this day the members there continue to monitor and purposefully damage my reputation at any chance they get. My auctions are still posted on the boards, and my rare items are wrongfully labeled as fakes and reseals. My online seller reputation shows that these accusations are far from the truth. You can find me as user arforbes on ebay, and there you will also find my star feedback rating and rare and collectible items for sale. My customers are always extremely satisfied and amazed with the items they purchase. I urge collectors, new and old, not to be influenced by the negativity that festers at LRG. My passion stems from finding these rare and collectible Muscle items and sharing photos of these items with the community, while at the same time giving other collectors the chance to acquire these items for their own collections. I have always had an interest in rare and obscure Muscle items, and will continue to share my discoveries with the Muscle World!


21 Different Super Rares have been discovered to this day, do you have one that the World has not seen?