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Factory Sealed M.U.S.C.L.E. 10-Pack with SATANCROSS



The first M.U.S.C.L.E. 10-Pack with a Satancross sealed inside has been discovered! This all flesh Muscle 10-Pack has a Satancross Muscle figure #236 sealed inside at the very bottom of the can. Numerous 4-Packs containing Satancross figures have been discoverd over the years, however this is the only 10-Pack with a Satancross known to exist!
The fact that the Satancross is sealed inside an all FLESH Muscle 10-Pack supports the theory that the figure was produced early in the M.U.S.C.L.E. line, and not later on when half flesh/color and all color packs were released. It may also help explain why Satancross was never produced in any colors other than original flesh. It is likely that the Satancross sculpt was pulled after the production of flesh muscle figures before any colored muscles were released.
Could the same be true for the Super Rares? Possibly, but keep in mind that a handful of colored super rares have been discovered. If the super rares were made during the early production of flesh figures, then only flesh super rares would exist. Unless of course the mysterious colored super rares were accidentally produced later in the line. Could a colored Satancross exist too?
M.U.S.C.L.E. Tree (Light Purple - Mega-Match Game)


Recently a genuine M.U.S.C.L.E. Tree from Part 8 of the Kinnikuman toy line was discovered! This tree is made from authentic Muscle plastic, and contains the five light purple figures from the Muscle Mega-Match Game. The most amazing part of this tree is that it also contains four other Muscle sculpts in light purple: a light purple Claw #153, a light purple Sunshine #3, a light purple #155, and a light purple #138!
Four new Super Rare Muscle colors...and we all thought the regular purple Claw was rare! This tree is evidence that all the figures on a specific tree were produced in the colors of others that already exist in the same color!
Another interesting fact is that one of the sculpts on this tree has been removed by the factory. The empty space at the top between figure #138 and figure #3 used to be home to another figure, but the tree shows a perfect factory slice where the sculpt used to be. Based on the Muscle Color Code of the MCIA, the missing figure is one of the six non-muscle sculpt figures from Part 8. It simply cannot be any other muscle sculpt because the color patterns of the remaining trees show that the other muscle sculpts of this part belong to separate trees.
So what does this mean? Theoretically, this discovery supports the idea that all the original 400+ Kinnikuman figures were made into Muscle Men figures. The production factories simply attempted to remove the non-muscle sculpts that were not supposed to be included in the American Muscle toy line. Rather than plug a line for a sculpt, figures not intended to be part of the Muscle toy line were simply sliced off and discarded! However, some evidently made their way out of the factories, which explains why the Super Rare Muscle figures exist!!!


21 Different Super Rares have been discovered to this day, do you have one that the World has not seen?